2015 SHOW

Starts At 11:00 AM

Judge: Shelby Turner, Christensburg

The officers and members of the Brownsburg Ruritan Club, Inc. wish to thank all those who have contributed to the success of our show for 70 years.

Whether you are showing horses, attending the show or have advertised in our program, we realize that without you this show would not be possible. We are proud that you can share with us in the support of our community service projects throughout the year.

Some of our community service projects include:

  • scholarships for graduating high school seniors pursuing to further their education;
  • support of Rockbridge 4-H program;
  • contributions to fire and rescue squads that service the Brownsburg area and communities;
  • litter pick up along Route 252 from Route 39 to New Providence Church;
  • other community service projects we have slated to support this year.

We would like to encourage you to patronize our sponsors and contributors throughout the year. Please come enjoy our horse show and hospitality.

We especially thank Carol and Charlie Wade for use of the horse show grounds for this horse show and our chicken cooking during the year.


The Brownsburg Ruritan Club, Inc., its members, concession personnel, and the Owners of the Bustleburg Recreation Park will not be held responsible for any claims resulting from injury, loss, accident, illness, disease, action or inaction.

Rules & Regulations

  1. Admission:
    • Admission to show grounds is free.
    • All donations are accepted and greatly appreciated.
    • Dogs must be on leash and under adult supervision at all times.
    • No golf carts or 4 wheelers will be allowed on grounds during show.
    • Each participant, parent or guardian will be required to sign a waiver before participating in our show.
  2. Inclement Weather:
    • If the weather is bad enough for us to change the schedule of events or cancel the show. We will post that information on our site under contact information if at all possible.
  3. Coggins Test:
    • Under Virginia state law, each horse must have proof of a current official negative test for Equine Infectious Anemia [Coggins].
    • It must be within twelve [12] months prior to the show.
    • The coggins test results will be presented at the gate before any horse will be permitted on show grounds.
    • The coggins test results will also be presented to show secretary at time of entering classes.
  4. Contact Information:
  5. Directions:
    • Bustleburg Horse Show Ground is on the west side of Route 252, south of Brownsburg, Virginia.
    • From Lexington take Route 39 west to route 252, then north to horse show grounds on left side of highway.
    • Map & Directions to show grounds.
    • Address: 503 Brownsburg Turnpike, Rockbridge Baths, VA
  6. Food:
    • Noon and evening meals will be available for purchase.
    • The Brownsburg Ruritan Club is very proud of our chicken barbeque. It is prepared with Bud Martin´s original recipe.
    • In addition to the chicken we will have Two Docs Concession with cold drinks, hot dogs, hamburgers and other food items.
  7. Class Information:
    • We reserve the right to cancel any part, or all of the show, due to inclement weather.
    • The program and changes posted the day of this show will be final.
    • Three entries will constitute a class.
    • Any person who desires to do so, may enter a horse or pony in the show by paying the required entry fee.
    • All entry fees must be paid at time of entry in any class. A signed open check may be left at entry booth to cover entries.
    • Entries will be taken at any time prior to the call of two class before the class you wish to enter.
    • There will be a two minute gate call for classes. Once the in gate is opened for the class, the clock will start.
    • Appropriate attire must be worn for all classes. No shorts will be permitted in any class.
    • Ranch horse classes will be judges according to American Ranch Horse Association rules.
    • * marks classes designated for youth award. When youth competes in youth class points earned in class counts towards youth award only.
    • ** marks classes designated for open award. If youth competes in open class, points earned in class counts towards open award only.
  8. Horse Information:
    • Class points are awarded for horse and rider by assigned number.
    • Horses with different rider may enter a class more than once, however the time from the first running in the class will be considered for class placements and any points toward high point awards.
    • Horses dangerous to the rider or spectators will be removed from the grounds upon the request of the judge or horse show officials.
    • Harsh treatment, severe treatment, making feet and legs sore or drugging of any animal will not be tolerated.
    • The horse show committee reserves the right to have any animal suspected of mistreatment to be examined by a veterinarian.
  9. Youth Exhibitors:
    • A youth exhibitor is someone who has not yet reached their 18th birthday as of January 1, 2013.
    • A safety helmet is recommended for all youth exhibitors.
    • Any youth exhibitor must have parent or guardian present while on horse show grounds.
    • A youth exhibitor may compete in youth and open classes.
  10. The Decision of the Judge Will be Final